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Pieter Vandermeiren

Pieter Vandermeiren (1987°) started his musical career at the age of nine at the music academie of Sint-Niklaas. The first four years he studeed trumpet, then he changed to Tenor trombone.
In the year 2010 he receives his master degree of trombone at the conservatory of Ghent  (Luc De Vleeschouwer). During his five years of conservatory he also followed chamber music with Frank Nuyts and Orchestral Direction with Dirk Brossé. He also has a master degree for direction (Jan Cober) at the conservatory of Tilburg (NL), where he followed Trombone lessons with Nico Schippers.
Pieter has played with several professional orchestras in around Belgium. In Belgium he played with the National Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, the Fllemish Opera house and Symphony Orchestra of Flanders. In april 20110 he was asked to play with the Finnish Turku Orchestra and recently he played with the Royal Ochestra Concertgebouw (direction Pierre Boulez and Mariss Jansons.

At the moment he is freelance trombonist and he conducts several concertbands in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Lode Smeets

Lode Smeets

In 2013 Lode graduated at the Conservatory of Amsterdam where his teachers were Ivan Meylemans, Jörgen van Rijen, Pierre Volders, Remko De Jager and Ben van Dijk.

Besides this Lode also studied sackbutt with Wim Becu.

As an orchestral musician Lode is frequently playing with orchestras as: The Symphony Orchestra of Flanders, The National Orchestra of Belgium, The Orchestra of La Monnaie (De Munt) and the Symfony Orchestra of Aachen.

In 2013 Lode was invited to play as a soloist with the Orchestra of the Belgian Guides, where he performed the wellknown T-Bone Concerto by Johan de Meij.

Lode had masterclasses with Michel Bequet, Joseph Alessi, Daniel Lasalle, Jan Smets, Christian Lindberg and Jesper Bosk Sorensen.

Since 2010 Lode is a part of a Belgian trombone ensemble called ‘The Bone Society’. With this ensemble he did concerts with guest soloists Joseph Alessi, Brandt Attema, Massimo La Rosa, Ian Bousfield and Stefan Schulz. In these concerts Lode mostly plays the alto trombone.

Lode is currently trombone player with Brussels Philharmonic.